Fuel the Dream

The Unknown Cook LLC set out on a journey almost a year ago to build an exciting mobile dining experience for the Charleston, South Carolina area. We learned what it would take to complete the initial phase of this journey. And while it has not been easy, we believe that the end result will be well worth the fight to make our dream a reality.

We are at a critical point in our operation and need your help for one of the  last steps of the journey. Most every other piece of the puzzle has been assembled. We now need funding to purchase the ideal food truck to be fully functional. This is where you come in.

We have established our existence with the South Carolina Secretary of State. We invite you to search for us by typing in “Unknown Cook” in the corporation name field at the link above. Our business bank accounts are in order. We are in the final stages of preparing our menu which we are confident will draw loyal fans to our food and service. Once the purchase of the vehicle is completed and all upgrades and maintenance performed, we can then be officially inspected by DHEC and obtain our operating licences.

The Unknown Cook is seeking donations in any amount to fuel our dream of owning our very first mobile restaurant. When you donate, we will keep everyone posted on the progress of our targeted goal all the way to the full operation of the truck. We would love for you to celebrate that day with us. See below how to become a part of The Unknown Cook movement:

Help The Unknown Cook’s endeavor of operating a mobile restaurant a reality. You can do so by donating below. We will appreciate your help tremendously.

Donate Button with Credit Cards


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