About Us

The Unknown Cook is an idea that was born out of a desire to showcase the meals that were prepared in our home to family and friends on our social networks. We would make a dish of the foods we cooked and post them as “The Unknown Cook”. While the dishes  we prepared were not stellar compositions, they were still quite visually appealing and, of course, extraordinarily good. We know this by evidence of the consistent disappearing of all food at dinner’s end.

Seasoned Baked Chicken with Rice and Asparagus.

Seasoned Baked Chicken with Rice and Asparagus.

As time progressed, our family and friends started posting their in-home dishes. It was always a great thing to see what was being prepared and how awesome these meals looked. Even friends and family we didn’t know could cook presented mouth-watering meals that would make you wish you had the dish right in front of you.

We decided we wanted one place that we could all post our meals in. The Unknown Cook Facebook page was created to provide such a place for anyone to post their dishes. We had our first Unknown Cook’s Challenge where members voted on the most visually appealing dish. We do this each month and the winner is presented with a certificate of achievement as well as a gift that is mailed to them for their efforts.

We think it is an exciting community. The Unknown Cook has a Facebook group where all the action takes place. We are an open group. However, access still has to be granted by the moderators or existing members of the group. Feel free to join us and start posting your awesome meals. While you may be an Unknown Cook, you are, nonetheless, extraordinarily good!



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