Hanging Wayback

wayback wall photoWayback. The term is indicative of a time gone by where we still hold on to memories of when something was good. A time, perhaps, when music was made with actual instruments and a real “alive” person was playing that instrument. A time when the Beatles’ tune “I Want To Hold Your Hand” was covered by the band Lakeside and made me want to fall in love. Maybe I was 12! But it was way back then when there was an element in life that was different and we loved whatever it was.

Take a look at the picture above. I snapped this yesterday while at my first visit to Wayback Burgers at 618 Bacon’s Bridge Road in Summerville, SC. Is that picture not reminiscent of something way back? And they have more of them that adorn the walls of this extremely clean restaurant.

One doesn’t really know what to expect when you visit an eatery you’ve never been to. I heard about Wayback Burgers because I was invited to like the Facebook Page of this particular location. I visited the page and liked what I saw. I knew I would have a little extra time on my hands after work yesterday. I decided I would pay a visit. Summerville isn’t far from me. However, I would wait until after six to make the journey. Dorchester Road traffic produces erratic behavior during rush hour!

Menu Board

Easy to read menu board…with calorie counts!

The location anchors the corner suite of a shopping center there in Summerville. I found it


Destiny serves up service with a smile!

to be easily visible and accessible and the approach to the entrance was attractive. I walked in and was greeted by Trina at the counter. She smiled as she took my order and explained to me the conditions of the combo meal. See the second burger on the first row on the left in the photo above? That’s what I wanted and that’s what I got. It’s simply called “Philly”. I explained to Trina that I would be taking pictures of my food and of the surroundings to post on my blog. Maybe it made her nervous and a little unsure. I could have been from the news agency. I was prepared to prove I wasn’t,  however. Who believes  all the news anymore anyway?

Trina explained to me that when my order was ready, they would bring it out to the table to me. What? Really? I’ve had my meal brought to my car when I ordered at the drive thru window before. I was asked to pull up out of the way of the car behind me. That was another place. But, you guys are going to bring it to me? I had to see this to believe it.

Philly Burger

The Philly at Wayback Burgers!

Eight to 10 minutes later, I heard a voice call out my name. And there was my Philly and fries in this cute silver tray lined with a neat little paper wrapper that I could read. I didn’t read it though because I wanted that burger in my mouth and down to my belly area. I wasn’t concerned with what the paper read. I wonder what was on it?

I had to see what was under that bun. Would I witness two paper thin patties that were small enough to be covered up completely by the cheese? I moved the top bun and wah lah! It was one of the most attractive burgers I’d seen. If it looked that good, it had to taste that good. It was that good!

I was so impressed, I wanted to get a picture of the crew. Clearly, this was not going to

Goldsmith Family

The Goldsmith Family preparing for some Wayback Burger goodness!

happen because patrons started to come in to experience some of the same goodness I had the pleasure of experiencing. The Goldsmith family came in for Wayback goodness, too, while I canvased the red-walled restaurant for more pictures to take. One family and one couple after another, they started to come through the door. I figured at this point, it might be time to go so that everyone could enjoy their food in peace.

My time here in Charleston is coming close to an end. I’m leaving one coastal city and on to another. My profession requires my presence there.  What is it about the coast that keeps me near it? I don’t know. Nonetheless, I hope there is a Wayback Burgers at my next destination. I think I’ve found my golden arches replacement.

Thanks to Trina, Destiny, and General Manager Karen Bellemare for a genuine and solid addition to food choices in Summerville. You guys are quite refreshing! From now on, I’m hanging Wayback!

The Burger is Gone

Here is what’s left of my meal at Wayback Burgers! Guess I could have left at least 2 fries!




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