8 Questions With Annick Hupperetz


The Unknown Cook now has a third monthly cook-off competition in the books. Each one has been exciting as members of our group fancy up some of the most amazing dishes for a splendid visual presentation. This month’s winner, Annick Hupperetz, gave us a feast for our eyes with her awesomely prepared Chicken Kiev recipe.

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Annick is owner of the ultra popular Cooking Tools Essentials website. Here is where we at The Cook like to spend a lot of our time learning new recipes that allow us to impress our friends when we are hosting a formal event or a fun-filled family gathering. You will also find informative product reviews on some of the latest cooking tools related to any level of culinary arts. If you are on the fence about a particular product, Cooking Tools Essentials is where you want to go for expert analysis to help you make an informed buying decision.

We were all wrapped up with Annick’s interview and ready to publish when news came of the winner of The Unknown Cook’s September challenge. When we found out it was Annick, we had to rush back to the table for editing and revision. But that was quite alright with us. We enjoyed every minute of our 8 Questions With Annick Hupperetz!


The Unknown Cook: It’s no secret that The Unknown Cook Community loves to compliment your delightful dishes. What makes your dishes special to you?

Annick Hupperetz: According to my family, my dishes taste great and they love the fact that I cook different dishes and it’s always a surprise for their palates.

The Unknown Cook: When did you first stumble upon your love for food and for cooking?

Annick CertificateAnnick Hupperetz: From a very young age, due to my dad’s work, I’ve had a chance to travel a lot and got introduced to different cultures and their culinary art.  Many countries have their specialties, their traditional spices, their coffees, desserts and their own way to combine certain ingredients.  My mom took it upon herself to include my sister and I in the kitchen and teach us the basics in cooking.

As a young adult, I decided to equip my kitchen with spices worldwide and started to cook dishes that were traditions in other countries.  Then one day, I had the chance to visit Italy and fell in love with their cuisine. That visit in Italy marked me as they use fresh seasonal ingredients to whip up dishes and you can taste every ingredient that is put into the dish.

The Unknown Cook: What would you say is your biggest challenge when preparing food for family and friends?

Annick Hupperetz: When it comes down to cooking, I can probably say that I’m a perfectionist. That being said, I will make sure my recipes are perfect in taste and in freshness and that requires lots of preparation in order to make sure that family and guests will leave my table satisfied and asking to come back.

The Unknown Cook: Do you have a current ingredient obsession? If it’s a secret ingredient, do tell.

Annick Hupperetz: Garlic, garlic and garlic is probably my key ingredient. Combine that with quality cold pressed olive oil and lemons.

The Unknown Cook: What would you throw together from your pantry if you had only 10 minutes?

Annick Hupperetz:  A Limoncello sauce to go with homemade pasta. You can prepare pasta on weekends and store them in your refrigerator.  Add a touch of Parmigianno cheese and some fresh ground pepper and you will have yourself a delicious rich meal. Accompany this with a great bottle of red wine.

I love to cook with certain alcohols and one of them is Limoncello which is a fresh lemon liquor which originates from the Amalfi Coast in Italy.

The Unknown Cook: In regards to your healthy recipes, which by the way look very appetizing, which is your favorite one to make?

Annick Hupperetz: I personally do not have one particular recipe that I prefer amongst others as I like to cook different meals everyday. There are so many possibilities out there that vary from country to country that every dish will be a surprise.

The Unknown Cook: If you could travel to any city in the world just for dinner, where would you go and why?

Annick Hupperetz: The Campania region of Italy. Capri to be exact. Dining in Capri is exquisite by all means and to my standards. Always look for those trattorias as they have the best dining.

The Unknown Cook: What is your guiltiest pleasure in the food world?

Annick Hupperetz: Outstanding meals with wines and plates of cheeses and baguette to finish off great dinning. I can’t ask for more.


We would like to thank Annick for reserving the time to answer our questions. It is not often that there is enough time to think clearly when you are always busy. Annick has been a strong supporter of The Unknown Cook from the beginning, and for that, we are grateful.  Congratulations on your accomplishments with Cooking Tools Essentials and for your September win.

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