masterlogoThank you for visiting The Unknown Cook. We are delighted that you have come to our site and trust that you will find just what you are looking for. We are on a continuous mission to being a superior catering and mobile dining establishment. We believe that our customer’s standards will always be high. This means that our standards will be high as we aim to meet those expectations.

What We Do

The Unknown Cook has plans in development to be a mobile restaurant establishment in multiple locations. The first mobile theme is slated to be operational by summer of 2015. While these plans and details are continuing to be developed, The Unknown Cook is endeavoring to get extraordinarily good food into weddings, birthdays and other special events. We are capable of catering your small event so that you don’t have to.

We have also partnered with the best live performance band to offer you a package deal for your event. Tru Sol Band has been providing some of the best live entertainment on the East Coast since November of 2004. When you see their live performance, you will agree that there isn’t a show that is quite as dynamic as this band. Be sure to click the link above to read about Tru Sol and get a peek at one of their recorded entertainment events.

Below are photographs of actual meals prepared by The Unknown Cook that are able to be catered at your special event. What you see is not all inclusive of what we can do. See something you like or have a meal idea in mind? Feel free to fill out our contact form and express your needs. We will contact you and discuss your event and how we will be able to make it a success for you.


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